Cavarzano Carni Gourmeats Butchery

Design a purchase path broken down into stop-off points, to help Customers rediscover the specialities of Belluno and the finest national products and explore new flavours thanks to the artistic creations of master butchers Giancarlo and Stefano. This is the challenging goal achieved by Epta, chosen to furnish the new butcher shop Cavarzano Carni Gourmeats of Belluno. The store, inspired by “Innovation in tradition", places the renowned meat department alongside areas dedicated to Salami & Cheese, Gastronomy, Fresh Packaged and Frozen products, branded Costan. The goal is to offer Customers the possibility to purchase, in one store, any kind of food; products which are deeply-rooted in the memory of the past, and sought-after products, like Rosa di Pastin, the best-loved product.

The designer's showcase for the store is the large area dedicated to enhancing beef from Belluno, the prized breed called Chianina IGP, the Organic poultry and of the processed meat, displayed, like works of art, inside traditional Velvet Costan cabinets with aesthetic Design. This solution of the OutFit range impresses for it's high level of flexibility, which has made possible the development of the L cabinet to follow the store layout. Worthy of note is also the personalisation of the front that recalls the butcher's brand, with finishes in black marble with white streaks and magnetic panels. Velvet was chosen also to present sausage products, the vast selection of gastronomy and Ready-made meals and Cheeses. The celebration of quality finds its ultimate expression in the adoption of the semi-circular Rondelle section with total black panels and of the semi-vertical Torre module completely in glass, with three display decks, for artisan salami and finer dairy products.

The vertical plug-in cabinets Tango Next and Valzer Next for fresh and frozen products, are also of particular importance. They are ideal in reduced spaces due to the elevated display ratio and minimum floor space occupancy. Furthermore, with input from EptaConcept, the Epta team specialised in the creation of high class environments, has developed a turn-key project where Epta supplied the cabinet for frozen products and vegetables, the stainless steel worktop, the maturation cabinet and illuminated shelves for fine wines, beverages and dry packaged products.

Finally, the installation is completed by the Misa cold rooms for the storage of meats, one of the cold rooms is longer than 5m, a partition wall and two sliding doors. The main strong points of the Misa cold rooms include versatility, which makes them an optimal solution in small stores. The extreme modularity allows to position them in any context and the fast set-up and dismantling speeds up the processes in the event of modifications to the store layout. Convenience combined with maximum food safety: the Misa cold rooms are equipped with the Epta Food Defence antibacterial treatment with silver ions. Compliant with the MOCA regulation, it allows to prevent, combat, and eliminate numerous species of bacteria, including the commonly known and dangerous, guaranteeing maximum food safety.

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