Dairy Co-op of Chiuro in Valtellina

Guarantee maximum food safety and, at the same time, extreme flexibility: this is the challenge launched to Epta by the Dairy Co-op of Chiuro in Valtellina that has once again turned to the Group to expand its plant. It is a business with more than 60 years of history, founded on artisan know-how, respect for the region and orientation towards innovation, which, thanks to the collaboration with more than 30 local producers, also offers high quality dairy products, soft cheeses, aged cheeses and yogurts to the Large Scale Retail sector. 


Misa has been able to respond to all of the Client’s needs, providing a total of 1,300m² of industrial panels, in addition to the sliding doors for the production area, the yogurt storage area, the new salting premises and the dispatch area. The Misa systems adopted guarantee the highest respect for hygienic-sanitary regulations, thanks to the selection of industrial panels having a smooth level surface for it’s wall panels and patented Fastener hooking system, for the precise tightening and excellent adherence of all components. Worthy of note is also the choice of panels in Plastinox, namely with support in plastic-covered stainless steel sheet metal ideal for aggressive environments like the salting zone. Furthermore, Misa proposed ceilings fitted with “omega” sunk into the panel, namely metal profiles with a particular shape similar to the last letter of the Greek alphabet, which allows it to be secured without boring: this is a further device that contributes to ensuring even higher insulation. 


The client particularly appreciated the elevated flexibility of Misa in providing, even for small jobs, products specifically designed for each area, from the saline cold room, to the production cold room, up to storage. Misa installed 5.2 m high industrial panels with different spacers (10 cm - 12 cm) and claddings (plastic coated or Plastinox) and finishes (smooth or micro-ribbed). A perfect solution, for each area.

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