Misa cool room: freshness and respect for the environment

Freshness of the products and respect for the environment: these are the basic ingredients of the new Misa branded projects for McDonald’s, one of the largest restaurant chains, famous worldwide.


This is a long-standing partnership which is renewed for two restaurants, in Rome and in Casale Monferrato (AL) in Northern Italy.


Following an attentive study of the client’s needs, Misa proposed the installation of two cool rooms, MT and BT and the corresponding refrigeration systems.


Epta Food Defence for food safety

To contribute to guaranteeing food safety, the maximum quality of the raw materials and the goodness of the dishes, all panels of the cool rooms are in plastic-coated sheet metal and treated with Epta Food Defence.


This is an innovative antibacterial system with silver ions, for total and permanent protection for the entire working life of the cool room. This patented technology is an example of sustainable innovation and designed to prevent, combat, and eliminate numerous species of bacteria, ensuring also antimicrobial activity.



Internal doors for energy saving and temperature data loggers for perfect food preservation

McDonald’s is a virtuous Company, “from the field to the tray,” hence the choice of suppliers and the resource protection policy are crucial. Epta is the ideal partner. The Misa cool rooms feature LED lighting, temperature data loggers, alarm repetitions in the kitchen. DOW Pascal™ Pro contributes to making the Misa cool rooms unique. This technology ensures a thermal conductivity value of λ 0.0205 W/mK, among the lowest on the market. Furthermore, to optimise the thermal insulation of the cool rooms, Misa has also provided internal doors and, for the restaurant of Casale, it chose industrial panels of a thickness of 150 mm in the BT cool rooms, to improve their efficiency further.


Innovative refrigeration systems tailored for every need

To respond to stores’ needs, Misa proposed MISASILENT systems, cased and silenced condensing units with scroll compressor, which stand out for quietness making them ideal in contexts of closeness to private homes.


Energy saving, attention to food safety and to specific project requests merge with practicality and sturdiness. The doors are in STAINLESS steel and the BT cool rooms feature bumpers, to protect from knocks.

Finally, the cool room features a reinforcement in non-slip aluminium, matching with the masonry walls, to ensure maximum integration in the environment and resistance.

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