#EptaExperience is the way... for preserving Gelato Art

Epta participated in Sigep, the leading trade fair for artisanal ice-cream, pastry and bread making, presenting a whole host of new products from the brands Eurocryor, Iarp and Misa,  personalised projects offered by Epta Concept and Epta’s prestigious partnership with Grom.

Grom, the globally renowned ice-cream brand from Piedmont, has renewed its trust in the Epta Group and attended the fair with an exclusive Corner on the Epta stand, which is the perfect example of the expertise and professionalism of Epta in designing and producing turnkey solutions. The Grom Corner is inspired by the “ingredients” that characterise all its stores,  focusing on quality and the natural world, with simple yet sophisticated aesthetics. Epta has successfully  highlighted the brand’s strengths by creating windows to the  ice-cream product, glass cases to display the main ingredients, characterised by exclusive finishes in high quality solid wood, and a worktop in Carrara marble. These details capture the attention of consumers and reflect the wholesomeness of the exclusive sweet creations that will be presented during the course of the event.

The claim #EptaExperience is the way for preserving Gelato Art underlying the Group’s participation at Sigep is perfectly expressed in the solution PrimoPiano Eurocryor, as well as in the numerous Iarp plug-ins and Misa KLA coldroom.

The five-day event was an opportunity to launch PrimoPiano Eurocryor in the Torre (tower) version, which is enriched by two Teca modules, that are ideal for pastry and chocolate shops. Torre has three completely transparent shelves with LED lighting and stands out for its special display surface with  aesthetics that makes it appear suspended in mid-air. This detail was designed to improve the visibility of products and at the same time draw Customers closer to the patisserie delicacies, whilst  giving an excellent perception of quality and freshness, from all angles.

Iarp presented a wide range of ice-cream solutions that can be personalised thanks to innovative digital prints directly onto the sheet metal. The new Iarp Cool Emotions Range stands out with its high-tech lines and blue LED lighting on the profiles;  the Delight 9 scooping, for people who can’t resist ice-cream by the scoop and Glee, the highly transparent vertical cabinet for packaged ice-cream - perfect plug-ins for guaranteeing the utmost display consistency within an ice-cream parlour. Also on the stand, Excite, a compact countertop unit which can be used to display ice-cream cones or classic packaged ice-cream and Globo Retrò, a cabinet with metallic ice-cream containers, for the best product preservation and a trendier appeal for the whole area. Finally, Iarp presented the vending machine New York dedicated to ice-creams. It stands out for its captivating design and for its extreme ergonomics, improving customer interaction when purchasing.

A worthy mention must also go to the Misa KLA coldroom, that is synonymous with a perfect preservation of delicate ingredients, the highest level of food safety and the finest functionality. The solution is equipped with Epta Food Defence, an exclusive antibacterial treatment using silver ions, that complies with strict MOCA legislation. The strength of this technology is that the antibacterial properties are applied directly to the metal sheets of the cold room, ensuring complete protection of the products in storage from microbes and bacteria for the entire life cycle of the cold room.

On the stand, visitors discovered also the personalised proposals for Ice-Cream Atelier: corners specially designed by Epta Concept. This multidisciplinary team is involved in the creation of evocative spaces with great visual impact. Epta Concept specialists are always on hand for customers and oversee all aspects, from the design to the realisation and personalisation of high-performance refrigerated solutions, transforming stores into “theatres” where the consumer is the key focus.

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