Quick commerce optimised with Epta solutions

Technology is transforming people’s purchasing habits. And, in recent months, next to e-commerce, quick commerce is taking hold, a further and more recent evolution in terms of digitalisation.
In this increasingly dynamic and innovative scenario, Epta supports Retailers with ad hoc solutions: the refrigerated counters of the Costan and Bonnet Névé brands and Misa cold rooms. 

What is quick commerce?

Quick commerce was created to satisfy the need for ordinary online products and to receive them quickly at home. The service is proposed by new players in big cities. A dedicated APP allows to receive a specific set of articles, conveniently and quickly. The delivery is carried out within 15 minutes, split between picking up the goods from the neighbouring urban warehouse and delivery by e-bike riders.

Food safety: how to organise storage to preserve the products 

The proximity warehouses for storing the products are in strategic positions and supplied with basic consumer goods, with an assortment of about 1500-2000 products. The aim is to respond with a panel of targeted articles to suit the tastes of the buyers and guarantee products perfectly preserved in their organoleptic characteristics.

Epta proposes an integrated offer to help Retailers manage the complexity of the new paradigm. The two main advantages of the Group’s complete system are: 
- respect for acoustic and technical-design limits envisaged for the creation of this type of warehouse in city centres 
- the rational use of storage space, essential for quick commerce.

The Integral refrigerated counters of the Costan and Bonnet Névé brands and the Misa self-contained cold rooms are suited to shops without a machine room and ensure low noise levels. 

It is essential to avail of refrigeration solutions that can make logistics more efficient. The Misa cold rooms are available with minimum dimensions of 40cm and subsequent modules of 20cm to optimise space and make the layout functional. 

It is possible to opt for panels with a thickness of 60, 100 and 130 mm, external and internal finishes in stainless steel and hinged or sliding doors. Furthermore, to guarantee maximum food safety the Misa solutions are treated with Epta Food Defence, the antibacterial system with silver ions that provides permanent touch-safe protection for its entire useful life. 

Propane R290: sustainability and performance in refrigeration 

The Costan and Bonnet Névé vertical plug-in units for fresh and frozen products offer a high visibility of pre-packaged articles. The large glass windows are extremely functional because they favour maximum product pick-up speed.
This merges with optimal energy performance, compact dimensions and high load capacity. Finally, the use of natural refrigerant propane R290 guarantees maximum respect for the environment. 

The interest and success that quick commerce is already having in many countries are a clear signal of its potential in the Retail world. For this reason, Epta is in the front line in this new challenge with the products of its Costan, Bonnet Névé and Misa brands and the vast range of services related to them.

Stay tuned!