Solutions for every need: Drop In R290

Drop In, the aircooled compact condensing unit for MISA coldrooms, is now available in its new R290 version with natural refrigerant

Drop in is very easy to assemble, as it is made up with an evaporator, which is attached to the inner site of the coldroom ceiling. The condenser, the compressor and all other electrical parts are located outside the coldroom. The unit is pre-tested, pre-charged and ready to go. This makes it very easy and fast for installation. Drop In is available for medium temperature and also low temperature coldrooms.

An easy installation and a quick fitting thanks to fasteners, make it the perfect solution for the MISA coldrooms KLC, KLA and KLM20. 

With the new Drop In Propane unit, Epta consistently continues along the path of natural refrigerants. Small and medium-sized cold-rooms can now easily be equipped with smart, efficient and environmental friendly condensing units.

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