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Submitted by admin-misa on 26, Oct 2023
  • Door frame and door blade of galvanized steel sheet panels with nontoxic plastic cadding
  • Insulation with injected polyurethane D=40 Kg/m3
  • Door blade finished with smooth anodized aluminium sections with countersunk screw
  • Door frame finihed with PVC sections
  • Heating cable and compensation valve for negaative temperature doors (PP-PN)
  • Heating cable for negative temperature hatches (SP2-SN2)
  • Self-closing hinges in composite corrosion resistant material
  • Lockable door with internal safety device in nylon and metallic parts in corrosion-resistant stainless steel (PP-PN)
  • Lockable hatch with diecast aluminium key, epoxy powder painted with protected handle (SP2-SN2)
  • Double wing model (2B) with a double sealed gasket, without a central post, with independent opening of both wings. 60 mm think with rising hinges, hydraulic closing device and fixed anodised aluminium handles