Agricola Puccia

Agricola Puccia is a young company, deeply rooted in the Madonie Regional Natural Park, a UNESCO world heritage site in the heart of Sicily, characterised by mountain pastures and pure water springs, among manna ash trees and olive trees. Its mission is to produce meat of the highest quality, thanks to a breeding farm located among unspoilt landscapes and a perfect mix of tradition, modern processes and technologies

In search of a reliable partner, it turned to Epta to create its pre-refrigeration, conservation, slaughtering, packaging and delivery systems for sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and horses. The large preparation zones and the size of the coldrooms are able to store 300 adult cattle, 400 pigs, 600 sheep that reach the first range Italian market every week. What Agricola Puccia has appreciated the most is the expertise and the qualified advice of the Epta Team, the wide range of all-round solutions offered by the brands of the Group – from the panels for the coldrooms and the accessories assigned by Misa, to the systems and packs of EptaBerg Plus - which has allowed it to choose a single supplier for the entire project, and the speed of intervention in times of need, guaranteed by the telemonitoring system

The protagonists of the installation are the Misa industrial panels, able to merge performance and food safety. What makes them truly unique is the Fastener patented technology, a fastening device that joins one panel to the other, for precise tightening and perfect adherence of all the components. Fastener also provides a double benefit: on one hand, it facilitates assembly and, on the other, it guarantees better insulation levels, both thermally and environmentally

The panels of the coldrooms are plastic-coated and equipped with the Epta Food Defence treatment. It is an antibacterial system with silver ions applied directly to the sheet metal and designed to improve the food safety of the products inside, for total and permanent protection for the entire useful life of the cold room. 

Every detail has been taken care of; even the doors have been selected in favour of maximum functionality. Besides the traditional overlapping doors, Epta has proposed sliding and revolving doors, to facilitate the movement of materials, swing doors and aluminium doors, with large glass areas between departments for greater visibility and brightness of the areas dedicated to welcoming Clients, schoolchildren and veterinarians to visit the laboratories. Finally, doors with rail passage for large half-carcases, equipped with stainless steel reinforcements, both on the frame and on the overlap, to withstand the toughest stress. Worthy of note are also the precious finishes in reinforced PVC on the floor and stainless steel throughout the plant. 

The exclusive and highly flexible and customisable remote monitoring service completes the supply. It allows EptaService to connect to the systems installed via remote access, analyse the parameters of the coldrooms and packs, manage the alarms and ensure predictive diagnostics and timely intervention in setting the parameters, to guarantee maximum energy and operational efficiency.

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