Epta provides a new look for Nordiconad La Rotonda in Modena

Style and high performance welcome customers in the food area of the recently refurbished Nordiconad La Rotonda in Modena. For the restyling of the hypermarket, the fascia chose to rely on Epta and the flagship solutions of its brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa. The main objectives of the refurbishment were, to give the sales spaces in the hypermarket a strong harmonious identity, reflecting the display format that characterises Conad stores and, at the same time, to achieve a major reduction in energy consumption.

The solutions offered by Epta proved to be the winning choice in ensuring the right balance between design, functionality and performance. The undisputed star of the fresh food area is the new GranVista Next of the Granfit range produced by Costan, provided in a Closed version within the aisles and in the new Open version in the end units. This sophisticated cabinet was chosen for its unrivalled visibility – thanks to full-height windows, panoramic ends and frameless doors – as well as its intrinsic versatility, that makes it ideal for highlighting all types of products; from dairy products and cheeses, to fresh pasta, to cold cuts and meats. A further advantage of GranVista Next is its high level of sustainability: it is in fact the first remote cabinet to be certified in class A+ by the Eurovent-Certita Certification programme.

With their play of contrasts in volumes, materials and transparencies, the traditional Rossini Design by Costan are perfect for emphasising the depth of the range and quality of the items in the Cold Cuts & Delicatessen and Butcher’s area. The windows stand out for their minimalist style and greater ease in identifying items, in both the serve-over and self-service areas., The utmost attention to detail that Epta demonstrated in this project is underlined by a special glass cold room produced by Misa in the meats area, used for the maturation of the highest quality cuts for true gourmet.

Finally, another touch of class in the fresh foods area is Impact by Eurocryor, which was customised for the Nordiconad Patisserie. With its  delicate forms and discrete light wood finishes, it embodies and enhances the conceptual spirit of the store. The solution is designed to  integrate  the presentation of self-service, fresh, pre-packaged foods with extremely fresh serve-over products, in a single piece of furniture that offers the highest aesthetic and ergonomic value.

The supply and fit-out was completed with the tele-monitoring service offered by EptaService, which is operational 24/7. This highly flexible and personalised system ensures predictive diagnostics and prompt interventions in the adjustment of the system’s parameters, to offer the highest level of energy efficiency in the running of the Modena store.

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