SuperCarni of Bresso and Epta: side-by-side design, just like a single team

SuperCarni, the Butcher-Delicatessen store of Bresso in the province of Milan, has relied on Epta to revamp its 100m² store. The in-depth layout analysis by the Epta Team has resulted in the placement of the Costan solutions brand of the Group, specialising in the large-scale manufacture of technologically advanced cabinets, alongside cabinets by Eurocryor, which stands out for its solutions that feature a tailor-made style. A successful intuition, which has allowed to furnish the shop with systems able to merge functionality, modern appeal and design, to guarantee product enhancement.

The suggested layout is designed to improve product visibility and to make shopping more enjoyable. Customers are welcomed into a space designed to ensure an overall view of the rich offer, as soon as they walk in: the islands Mini Twin by Eurocryor and Chorus Costan are placed at the centre, the vertical cabinets GranVista Open, the semi-vertical cabinets Aeria Open Costan and the serve-over cabinet Panorama Eurocryor in the rear sections. To increase sales volumes, Epta has also played on transparencies, proposing all the cabinets with glass ends and a top section that allows to display sauces, pickles and food in oil, to encourage cross-selling.

The furnishings are completed by the Panorama Eurocryor cabinet with laminate front, it’s aesthetics and dimensions designed ad hoc to adapt to the conformation of the store and satisfy the specific needs to organise the products: from meat, to prepared foods, to gastronomy products, to cheese and cold cuts. Equipped with Dynamic System technology, Panorama Eurocryor allows to preserve the goods for more days without having to put them into the cold rooms overnight, keeping the organoleptic and aesthetic characteristics intact.

The installation is completed with the Misa cold rooms for fresh foods, which are designed to fit perfectly into a small shop, thanks to modular panels. Finally, worthy of note is EPTA Cube pack, also specifically designed for small stores.

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