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About Us

MISA, marchio specializzato nella produzione di celle frigorifere per la refrigerazione commerciale e industriale

MISA, a brand specialised in the production of cold rooms for commercial and industrial refrigeration

MISA, a brand of the multinational group Epta, is specialised in the production of cold rooms for commercial and industrial refrigeration: technologically innovative and flexible solutions dedicated in particular to the (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) sector, as well as the Retail and Food processing sectors.

MISA is synonymous with reliability, thanks to long experience accrued over time as a pioneer brand in its sector: a story that began in 1969, studded with successes that led to the creation of systems recognised as a guarantee of excellence. Unique mastery in which, still today, tradition and technology work in tandem to offer the market a superb product


The Epta System

The Epta System is the rationale underpinning the Group as a whole: the winning combination of products, services, technologies, ideas and people that make Epta an integrated commercial refrigeration partner supporting client and stakeholder businesses.


Innovation Reloaded. The Epta Sustainable System

This is the Group’s promise: the Epta system combines innovation and sustainability to help lead customers towards a green transition, renewing stores and giving them a new lease of life, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. It is a response to the digitalization, proximization and servitization trends, whilst keeping an eye firmly trained on regulatory and sustainability issues.