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Misa cool room: freshness and respect for the environment

Freshness of the products and respect for the environment: these are the basic ingredients of the new Misa branded projects for McDonald’s, one of the largest restaurant chains, famous worldwide.


This is a long-standing partnership which is renewed for two restaurants, in Rome and in Casale Monferrato (AL) in Northern Italy.


Following an attentive study of the client’s needs, Misa proposed the installation of two cool rooms, MT and BT and the corresponding refrigeration systems.


Epta Food Defence for food safety

To contribute to guaranteeing food safety, the maximum quality of the raw


Agricola Puccia

Agricola Puccia is a young company, deeply rooted in the Madonie Regional Natural Park, a UNESCO world heritage site in the heart of Sicily, characterised by mountain pastures and pure water springs, among manna ash trees and olive trees. Its mission is to produce meat of the highest quality, thanks to a breeding farm located among unspoilt landscapes and a perfect mix of tradition, modern processes and technologies

In search of a reliable partner, it turned to Epta to create its pre-refrigeration, conservation, slaughtering, packaging and delivery systems for sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and


Dairy Co-op of Chiuro in Valtellina

Guarantee maximum food safety and, at the same time, extreme flexibility: this is the challenge launched to Epta by the Dairy Co-op of Chiuro in Valtellina that has once again turned to the Group to expand its plant. It is a business with more than 60 years of history, founded on artisan know-how, respect for the region and orientation towards innovation, which, thanks to the collaboration with more than 30 local producers, also offers high quality dairy products, soft cheeses, aged cheeses and yogurts to the Large Scale Retail sector. 


Misa has been able to respond to all of the Client’s


SuperCarni of Bresso and Epta: side-by-side design, just like a single team

SuperCarni, the Butcher-Delicatessen store of Bresso in the province of Milan, has relied on Epta to revamp its 100m² store. The in-depth layout analysis by the Epta Team has resulted in the placement of the Costan solutions brand of the Group, specialising in the large-scale manufacture of technologically advanced cabinets, alongside cabinets by Eurocryor, which stands out for its solutions that feature a tailor-made style. A successful intuition, which has allowed to furnish the shop with systems able to merge functionality, modern appeal and design, to guarantee product enhancement.



Cavarzano Carni Gourmeats Butchery

Design a purchase path broken down into stop-off points, to help Customers rediscover the specialities of Belluno and the finest national products and explore new flavours thanks to the artistic creations of master butchers Giancarlo and Stefano. This is the challenging goal achieved by Epta, chosen to furnish the new butcher shop Cavarzano Carni Gourmeats of Belluno. The store, inspired by “Innovation in tradition", places the renowned meat department alongside areas dedicated to Salami & Cheese, Gastronomy, Fresh Packaged and Frozen products, branded Costan. The goal is to offer Customers


Epta, star of the new C7+Sette store in Cisternino

Tradition and innovation meet in the new C7+Sette of Cisternino in the province of Brindisi, a store that occupies more than 1000m², opened last May and furnished with Costan branded solutions of Epta. The challenge won by the Group was to propose systems that would contribute to shaping an industrial-chic style inspired by the past and, at the same time, to give the fresh departments a dynamic and modern look.

Perfect balance between design, functionality and performance, the cabinets chosen are an example of Epta’s expertise in making every store unique, through a display layout studied in


Epta makes everyday shopping “extra”ordinary in the new Extracoop stores

Epta has teamed up with Schweitzer to outfit the new points of sale for Extracoop, the new format of Coop Alleanza 3.0, recently inaugurated at the Centro Nova shopping centre in Villanova di Castenaso (BO), Grandemilia in Modena and the ESP Centre in Ravenna. This is a brand-new model, applied in all three stores, which revitalizes the way we experience the hypermarket and aims to respond to the emerging needs of the modern consumer, while staying true to the historic values of the Coop brand.

It is a revolution that is designed as a kind of going back to the roots, in which the supermarket


Epta provides a new look for Nordiconad La Rotonda in Modena

Style and high performance welcome customers in the food area of the recently refurbished Nordiconad La Rotonda in Modena. For the restyling of the hypermarket, the fascia chose to rely on Epta and the flagship solutions of its brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa. The main objectives of the refurbishment were, to give the sales spaces in the hypermarket a strong harmonious identity, reflecting the display format that characterises Conad stores and, at the same time, to achieve a major reduction in energy consumption.

The solutions offered by Epta proved to be the winning choice in ensuring the


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